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National Bailliage

The cornerstone of the fellowship is the Professional member. This interaction between the Professional & the Non-professional is what distinguishes the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs from other organisations."

Welcome to the Australian National Bailliage (Chapter) of the worldwide Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, proud of a most illustrious history reaching back 7 centuries.


In 1248 the French King Saint Louis ordered the establishment of the professional guild of the “Ayeurs” or goose roasters.


National Committee

National Bailli Délégué

Norm Harrison

Bailli Délégué Australia

Member du Counseil Magistral Commandeur

+ 61 0413 755 099

National Contacts 

Chancelier: Sam Giddings

Chargée de Missions: Ann Glenister - OAM 


Chargée de Missions: Serena Harrison-North

Chargée de Missions
Catherine Lehmann

Argentier: Dennis Mather

Chargée de Presse: Edwina Morris

Conseiller Culinaire: Hamish Robertson

Echanson: John Studdert

Young Sommeliers Competition

Chairman of the Jury for Australia


Conseiller Gastronomique: vacant 


Regional Bailliages

Serena Harrison-North - South Australia

Ian Halliday - Victoria

Dane Richards - New South Wales

Ann Glenister OAM - Gold Coast

Shymal Dhar - Brisbane

Anne Pleash - Great Barrier Reef

Geoffrey Rickard - Sunshine Coast

Bill Munro - Western Australia


Richard Lamse - Canberra 

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