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& new friends"

Dear Members,

Date for your diary! Remember to take part! Show your pride at being a member!
Feel the spirit and global togetherness! Be active on social media! The concept of a World Chaine Day originated from Finnish members of the Chaine des Rotisseurs.  Bailages from around the world will be organizing events. These events will represent the comrade of our organization and we wish that this will be shared throughout the world on social media with post and video greetings.

Wear your ribbons

The best-known symbol of our Confrérie is the ribbons we wear. The ribbons are, after all, a perfect conversation piece. Wear your ribbons on April 21 - especially if you are a working Professional member. Display your membership status with pride.


Get together

Get together at official Chapitres, in member restaurants displaying the Chaîne Professionals plaque, or at big dinner events around the world. Equally, why not get together with members in local Bailliages or in your home by inviting members and friends for a lunch, dinner, or simply cocktails ?



The spirit of World Chaîne Day is one of celebration. Organise members’ events, special Chapitres and inductions which the whole world can share with you during the same day. Or organise something private, just for yourself and put it on social media. Celebrate!

Follow post and share

Be active on social media. Follow and share what is going on during the day. Post pictures and greetings. But remember to use pictures only from that day. NB. Please do not use material from outside the 2018 World Chaîne Day events to maintain the integrity of the event.


Social Media Wall

The “wall” will be provided with an addition compared to last year. Now we will have two types: one showing random pictures from the feed which will work best for dinner events and public occasions. New for 2018 will be a layout where all the feeds and postings come in chronologically so that you can scroll through all the material. This works better for personal use with laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Photo Competition

As last year, the Jury will go through all the social media feed material and make awards for the best pictures in several categories.

Via La Chaîne

April 21st 2018

The Bailliage of Perth Western Australia


Welcomes you to a our ‘World Chaine Day’ Celebration with a wonderful long Saturday afternoon lunch at


Perugino Restaurant West Perth,

Commencing at 12pm

The Bailliage of Victoria


The Outback Road Trip Fri 20to Tue 24 April 2018

Mildura - Broken Hill - Port Pirie

Special Performances by 


Soprano, Harriet O’Shannessy and Mezzo Soprano, Ileana Rinaldi will entertain you with renditions of beautiful arias from famous operas.

A rare and unique opportunity to be able to enjoy world class opera in a private restaurant setting

Norm Harrison

Bailli Délégué Australia

Member du Counseil Magistral 


+ 61 0413 755 099

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