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Victoria Bailliage

Past Events

30 Oct 2018

Regular Chaine Dinner Anchovy in Richmond

Having been to Anchovy myself I was very much looking forward to this event and we weren't disappointed. The 20 seats were filled and we had a warm spring night - perfect for a south east Asian inspired meal.

Our meal started with pickled sardine on milk bun toast and some Vietnamese blood pudding in a lettuce and herb wrap. Accompanied by a French sparkling from Languedoc. Contrary to what you may think, the blood pudding went down very well. 

Next up was a Wagyu carpaccio and a lovely "beer nibble" of spiced peanuts, whitebait, kaffir lime and galangal. Accompanied by Arfion Pino Grigio from the Yarra Valley. For the next entree, a rose from Ardeche was a super accompaniment for seafood with fennel, lemongrass, lime and green chilli.

Main course was a real treat with a fabulous roasted Spanish mackerel, with Manchurian spice, and lemongrass sate, and a stunning Grilled Millbrook pork (a small knuckle - check our the photo to see it) with a lovely crispy skin. Served with fresh garden herbs, and Vietnamese condiments. "Jamsheed" Chardonnay and Terrason Cabernet Franc were served with these dishes. 

Our last course was desert which as a durian and white chocolate parfait with lemon and raspberry served with a Producteurs de Plaimont "Maestria" Manseng from Madiran, France.

Chef Thi Le and her team gave us a fabulous meal and altogether wonderful evening!!!
Do yourselves a favour and visit this wonderful venue. 

Peter Janusik


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