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Sunshine Coast Bailliage

Past Events

8 Feb 2019

Sunset Dinner at the Noosa Valley Manor in Doonan

The picturesque setting and great food & wine contributed to lots of laughter and great camaraderie within the small group.  The starter was “Kalte Ente”


Why do they call this Kalte Ente or Cold Duck?

According to the legend, Prince Clemens Wenceslaus, the last Archbishop and Elector of Trier had a feast on the terrace of the Koblenz castle, and he ordered all the ends of the wines to be combined with champagne which were flavoured with lemon and mint and served at the end of the meal which was called Kaltes Ende or Cold End. 


Usually a hot coffee or mocha was served after. Eventually the name was altered to Kalte Ente or cold duck.

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