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New South Wales Bailliage

Past Events

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April 2021

World Chaine Day 

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World Chaîne Day in Sydney Australia

Australia is ahead of most of the world in terms of time difference. For World Chaine Day we also moved the date forward because of a clash with a significant Australian remembrance day. 

To mark WCD we secured an entire mid-city restaurant – Fix Wine Bar + Restaurant. The decor is hard and modern with an open kitchen but a couple of Chaîne banners, Australian Native flora on the white table cloths and Chaine regalia  turned the space into a distinctly Chaîne area – with an Australian twist. Australian ingredients on the menu included Kangaroo, Salt Bush, Bush Tomato, Pepperberry and Rosella red calyx and bracts. 

As guests entered the restaurant they were confronted by 40 dozen free range eggs donated by our producer members, Amy and Tobias Lehmann. Each guest would leave with a dozen. Chef Mark Archer was thrilled to incorporate the same eggs into two of the dishes on the night.  The ‘theme’ of eggs was celebrated in an egg emulsion served with a beef fillet and Pepperberry Jus, and a Rosella Jam Donut.

Owner and Sommelier, Stuart Knox and Chef Mark Archer designed a unique menu with matchless bush flavours and wine list to showcase Australia. 

On the evening we welcomed Baillis from Victoria, Queensland, as well as from NSW. 

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