New South Wales Bailliage

Past Events

08 December 2020

Sydney Chapitre and Gala Dinner
Intercontinental Double Bay 


"The first major event for nine months, the toast to the Chaîne was heartfelt "

As New South Wales emerged from the COVID-19 nightmare relatively unscathed, as has Australia in general, the Bailliage was determined that its end-of-year function would be all about celebrating Chaîne traditions, conviviality and style.

The five-star InterContinental Hotel at Double Bay was the chosen location given that it had successfully hosted previous events with respected Chaîne member (Vice-Argentier Honoraire) General Manager Ralf Bruegger at the helm.

Absolutely nothing was left to chance given the year of uncertainty endured by all.

With traditional black tie and serious glamour as the dress code, it set the scene for a night of simple and reflective Chaîne camaraderie. Government restrictions required that the traditional canapes and champagne were served at the table. To reunite groups of friends, eight tables of ten were set for members and their guests.

The discussion in the room was very vibrant, a reflection of the interplay between old and new Chaîne friends alike. Existing friendships were renewed. New ones formed. The mutual hope expressed was that 2021 is better year for all!

The night was designed to be about quality and continuity, rather than “bells and whistles”. There was absolutely nothing theatrical about the evening, just a series of high-quality dishes served with wines that complemented rather than screamed “look at me!”

Newly-appointed Executive Chef Daniel Simpson provided a thoughtfully chosen and balanced menu that stimulated the senses of all tastes. Furthermore, it showcased both his impressive skillset and the exceptional produce sourced. Favourite on the night: the innovative panettone and rum Christmas pudding. It hit the perfect note to finish.

On this evening, the first major event for nine months, the toast to the Chaîne was heartfelt, as was the Chaîne oath uttered earlier at the Induction Ceremony. New South Wales members and friends were joined by Bailli Délégué Norm Harrison and the Baillis from both South Australia and Victoria, as well as members from South Australia, Queensland, and Victoria. Norm presided over the ceremony in his capacity as a Member of the Conseil Magistral.

It was widely agreed that the event was a roaring success. Just as important, the value and strength of camaraderie in difficult times was reinforced. Also, how the values of the Chaîne had provided much needed comfort to its members throughout a year that had brought so many challenges.

One senses though, this time-honoured organisation which has overcome many hurdles, stands just as proudly today as it did in 1248 when it was formed.

Dane Richards