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"All members are welcome at international, national and
local events.  These are exceptional occasions to come together,
interact, network and create new bonds of friendship."
An invitation to join us

Wether a young aspiring chef, an industry professional or a friend of a member,

we sincerely invite the opportunity of your application to join us here at Chaîne Australia.

Membership is select with careful consideration given to the upheld ongoing quality, credibility and professionalism of our members nationally and internationally.

Membership is on a yearly calendar basis staring on January 1.


Please feel free to either call us personally or submit the email application field below for a prompt return to your application for membership.

We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you into the Chaîne family.

'Honouring the art of cuisine and the culture of the table, always fulfilling obligations of brotherhood and of respect for the fellow member'

Norm Harrison

Bailli Délégué Australia

Member du Counseil Magistral


+ 61 0413 755 099

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Thank you. Message sent. We will get back to you as soon as possible

"The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs invites all lovers of gastronomy,
good food and fine wines to share its values of excellence and brotherhood, uniting us in the continuation of great culinary traditions"
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