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Granite Belt
& Southern Downs
"The Granite Belt
& Southern Downs
Bailliage captures the essence of quaint beauty
and tranquil lifestyle
with the region renowned for vineyards, orchards and cosy fireplaces "

With the region home to some of Australia's finest wineries and orchards, the Granite Belt and Southern Downs Bailliage offers members an array of truly beautiful dining experiences often centred around the crackling of a warm fireplace.

This friendly and accommodating Bailliage is known for staging themed

and unique events featuring personal appearances by renowned chefs, winemakers and awarded industry professionals.

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GBSD  Bailli                                         Colin Dobie      

Vice Conseiller Gastronomique        Doug Collett  

Vice Conseiller Culinaire                   Andrew Simpson  

Vice Echanson                                    Robyn Henderson

Facebook: chaineGBSD

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