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March 2020  Wine of the Month Review - Bream Creek Pinot Noir

Last week I got the house wines for March up from the cellar. Amongst them was this bottle of Bream Creek Pinot Noir.


It was bottled with a screw cap and expressed beautifully as soon as it was opened.  Primarily fruit driven: a ripe-cherry nose with rich cherry and plums on the palate and with just enough umami to make it a very interesting wine. The vineyard suggests it should be drunk now and up to five years.


We had it with roast chicken dusted in cumin and fennel seeds and roast pumpkin, with steamed beans tossed in dukkah and butter, which was a great pairing.


Bream Creek is a generally high performing vineyard (as you can see from the medals on the bottle). 2017, their current vintage sells at around $35  $40 a bottle.


Dennis Mather

Couseiller Gastronomique

20200315 WOM.JPG
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