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January 2020  Focus on Daman Shrivastav (MWMCS), Vice-Conceiller de Gastronomique, Commandeur, Officièr Maître Hôtelier

Petra Harmer-Shrowder, Chargée de Presse did a Q & A with Daman Shrivastav discussing his new appointment within the Chaîne and about his background and professional working career.



a) I believe you are a chef?

Answer: I am still a cook at heart and still learning.


b) Where did you train?

Answer: Over the past 35 years I have experienced a journey in Hospitality from apprentice to journeyman to master which started at the Institute of Hotel Management PUSA Delhi, followed by another three years full time doing my City and Guilds Diploma of Professional Cookery from Westminster Kingsway College, London. Thereafter the highlights along my career path were: The kitchens of Dorchester, London. Gavaroche, London; Langham’s Brasserie, London; Ménage A Trois London; Sheraton, Delhi; Novotel , Melbourne; Rydges, Melbourne; Imperial, Delhi and Oberoi Hotels (Delhi & Baghdad).


c) Where do you work now?

Answer: My current employer is Box Hill Institute where I am a Hospitality teacher. (Box Hill Institute is a leading Victorian vocational and higher education provider known for collaborative and creative approach to education in Australia and overseas).


d) Any interesting experiences in your working career?

Answer: Working in Baghdad during the Gulf War and wearing a gas mask while serving guests. A memorable experience was working with Mother Teresa a famous nun who has been honoured in the Catholic Church and known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta. I had the important task to clean the demolished churches and provide food for affected families during that time.


Q 2.

a) What inspired you to join La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs?

Answer: Since I was an apprentice I was inspired by French culture and food, which led me to learn the French language. What I like about La Chaîne is that it attracts the people who share quality values, appreciate good food and wine, support young chefs and community, and follow the principles’ of sustainability.


b) How long have you been a member?

Answer: 25 years.  I was inducted at the launch of the Amman, Jordan chapter at the Regency Palace (under Sheraton management) where I was an Executive chef. Grand Maître Monsieur Robert Baty, flew in especially for this induction ceremony from Paris (1994).


Q 3.

a) What positions have you held in La Chaîne?

Answer: Chef Rotisseur, Maître Rotisseur, Maître Restaurateur, Maître Hotelier, Officier Maître Hotelier, Commandeur


b) What locations have you been a member?

Answer: Jordan and Australia


c) With your new position in the Victoria Bailliage what tasks will you be doing as Vice-Conceiller de Gastronomique?


- Provide support to Bailli

- Organise Regional Jeunes Chefs Rotissuers Competition

- Organise and assist Jeunes Sommeliers Competition

- Assist National Bailliage with the training for the International competition

- Grow the membership, by creating value

- Organise events

- Liaise with other associations to increase harmony and friendship

- Seek opportunities for sponsorships


Q 4. 

What are your personal aspirations whilst working as a committee member?

Answer: I will have more opportunities to serve the Chaîne.


Q 5.  What is the best plate of food that you have ever tasted and where?

Answer: Breakfast cooked by my six year old daughter on father’s day. I adore Beef Wellington and the last time I tasted a good one was at Philippe Restaurant, Melbourne.

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