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September 2019  Wine of the Month Review - Peter Lehmann Masterson Shiraz

Peter Lehmann Masterson Shiraz

The back label of the bottle says the wine was named after the original winery founded by Peter Lehmann in 1979; Masterson has been expertly crafted to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Peter Lehmann Wines. The finest Barossa Shiraz grapes from the 2015 vintage were chosen from a distinguished single vineyard site to make this very special wine.


A guest who came to dinner recently very generously brought a magnum of this amazing wine and since it would go very nicely with the main course, which included beef, we opened and decanted it. There was no sediment in the bottle.

20190901 WOM pic1.JPG

It is a Shiraz, which eschews the brash fruity, some would say, plumy, characters and tends towards a gentle herbaceous character. The balance of acid and tannin which back up the fruit would suggest very long ageing potential –even if you could get it in 750 mL bottles.


The asking price per magnum is $2000.

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