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November 2019  Wine of the Month Review - Champagne tasting at Vaucluse Cellars

Well it’s Christmas again and Vaucluse have put on another champagne tasting. And what a line up.


James Caica was there to present the following from the house of Bollinger:

RD 2004

Special Cuvee NV

James Bond Ltd Edition Millesime 2011 Special Cuvee Rose NV


All very special wines each with its own character. I was particularly taken with the RD which is a very special wine; and the Special Cuvee NV is continuing the slightly fruitier and lighter style which was introduced a little while ago.

20191130 WOM 1.jpg
20191130 WOM 2.jpg

Charles Gardet wines were presented by Jonathon Sayers and included:

Rose 2008


Blanc de Noirs 1er Cru NV

Brut Tradition NV.

For me the stand-out wine was the 2004 and the Brut Tradition a very close second choice – especially given it retails at about half the price. Also worth a mention is the Rose which is a sagne (which is made predominantly from the free run juice from pinot grapes). 

Emmanuel Lelarge presented the Laurent Perrier, including:


Vintage 2008

Cuvee Rose NV

La Cuvee NV


All beautiful wines showing a great deal of finesse. The La Cuvee is their new NV and it is made only from chardonnay, and only from first pressings. It has a rare freshness, delicate fruit tones and restrained sugar.


20191130 WOM 3.jpg
20191130 WOM 4.jpg

Le Brun de Neuville represented by Nicolas di Lizia who, with a very delightful French accent talked us through


Le Brun de Neuville Blanc de Blanc NV

‘Authentique’ Blanc de Blanc

Le Brun de Neuville Tendre Rose NV.


This relatively small producer which has over 100 farms growing for them. The wines were more individual and distinctive and certainly worth trying.

All wines are available from Vaucluse Cellars at prices, as far as I can work out, much the same as those in most other bottle shops. Of course, the two boutique producers have a more restricted distribution here, but the prices of each of their wines seem to be in line with other wines in similar categories.


All the best for the festive season

Viva la Chaîne

Dennis Mather

Conseiller Gastronomique

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